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Marilyn Kvasnok

 Welcome to my Shaklee website.  I'm Marilyn Kvasnok.

I’ve gone from green thumb to living green.  After spending 20 years of summers out in the yard – planting flowers and vegetables, watering, weeding and reaping the harvest – I’m now going green with the realization that we need to take care of ourselves, our families and the earth.  And I found a company to help me do it.  I’m a Shaklee distributor.

So, now I’m into a more natural lifestyle.  I’m still eating lots of fruits and vegetables, even though they’re not coming from my garden.  The big change is eating less processed foods and faithfully taking my vitamins.

It didn’t happen overnight.  It was a series of little changes that added up to a healthy lifestyle.  And it doesn’t stop here.  I continue to reevaluate and make little changes.  So, it’s true, the only constant is change.

I’m a full time caregiver for my mom, who’s no longer independent.  And I support myself with my Shaklee business.

I believe we all need to continue to learn and grow.  So, I got a computer when they started to be sold to regular folk.  And I embraced the Internet when the best I could do was email.  It’s been a great ride and now here I am - With my own Shaklee website!

Marilyn Kvasnok

440-237-9033 Ohio

954-779-6145 Florida

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